About Lightning Soft Paws

Lightning Soft Paws was inspired by the shop owner’s rescue pup named Kai. When Kai was rescued he had rough paws from his life on a desert reservation. Looking for an all natural paw cream, Lightning Soft Paws was soon created. Opening in May 2016, Lightning Soft Paws continues to grow and expand their products including paw butter, paw shield, nose butter, and soap.

Website: www.lightningsoftpaws.com

Instagram: @lightningsoftpaws

Facebook: facebook.com/lightningsoftpaws

About Sniffer Soother

Lightning Soft Paw Sniffer Soother is all natural with orgnic, vegan Shea butter witch contains both vitamin A and vitamin E for moisture. The Sniffer Soother also contains coconut oil and Jojoba oil. Sniffer Soothers are available in 2 sizes.

  • 2 ounce
  • 4 ounce

Our Review

With two active pups, their noses are often pointed to the ground following the latest and greatest smells. Marlae’s nose would become very dry and show signs of cracking. Already a huge fan of Lightning Soft Paws, upon the release of the Sniffer Soother, I knew we had to try it. After one application, you could see her sniffer come back to life with moisture. We use a small amount about once a month, sometimes more if needed. Her nose is soft and no longer shows signs of dryness or cracking.

When Penny joined the family, among her other physical issues, her nose was very dry. I have never seen a small dog with dry nose problems. However, after a couple applications over a period of a few days, her nose became softer with each application. Now her nose is filled with moisture thanks to Lightning Soft Paws’ Sniffer Soother.

Sniffer Soother has become another product in our pups monthly beauty regimen. The jar allows for you to get the right amount of cream to apply to your pup’s nose. I have come to experience that a little goes a long way with the Sniffer Soother and still have a good amount left in my 2 ounce jar.

 Marlae and Penny Approved

Lightning Sniffer Soother

Amy Luhrs

Co-founder of 2 Pups, a blog where we review small businesses and their pet products. I am the proud fur mommy of @marlaepuggle and @theminipenny as well as their photographer.

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